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"The relative infrequency of laparoscopic accidents prevents any one individual surgeon from giving a full appreciation of their importance and frequency."

Royal College of Obstetrics and Gyneacology; Green Top Guidelines No. 49 2008

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Despite all the innovations made in laparoscopic surgery during the past 30 years the fact remains that initial access is still a manual, arduous and challenging process for the surgeon.


A major concern during laparoscopic surgery access is preventing inadvertent injury to major organs, such as the intestines, or life substantial blood vessels, such as the aorta.

Life Care’s LapCap2™ addresses a significant unmet need and is designed to provide, by a single user, a more efficient and intuitively safer entry into the abdominal cavity. LapCap2 utilizes a dome shape design to create negative pressure by using suction from standard suction systems which allows the raising of the abdominal wall thereby creating a safer space between the veress needle tip and the vital organs.


This is accomplished without the need of manual clamps. The LapCap2™ aims to significantly reduce the risk of injury and complications that can occur during the initial access into the abdominal cavity.

Our goal at Life Care Devices is to never stop challenging the status quo. Because it has been done a certain way for years doesn't mean that we can't continue to evolve and improve in all aspects of our lives. Especially when it comes to providing our doctors the resources to improve both the surgeon experience and safety for their patients.


It is with our sincere gratitude and privilege that we can be part of the solution. No matter how small.

The Life Care Devices Team